This one is a bit unique in regards to game play simply because the players do not know anything about their characters. This started out as a joke among my friends and I about what a character would be like with amnesia and how to truly play it the player would not know anything about your character.

After the joke had faded, I continued to think about it and decided to design a campaign around this idea. This turned into a campaign where I created 20 different characters based on a few different tables that I created and then rolled to decided on important aspects such as class, race, previous alignment, and background. Now I have a great group that is playing these characters blind. This campaign is filled with surprises and discoveries that make it all the more fun.

Feel free to browse around the Wiki. I am trying to update it after every session with the new characters, places and events that my players endure, but real life happens too. If you have any questions feel free to let me know. I hope you enjoy it all.

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