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The Story's Strange Beginning
Sessions 1-3

“Sit down my children and let me spin you a tale,
Of intrigue and mystery,
Of death and despair.

It all begins one fateful moment,
When Orc and Half-elf neither quite silent,
Join forces with a vanarran, angel, and gnome,
To undercover the reason for their ghastly plight."

They found themselves in cages of rust and blood and realized quite suddenly there was much to be dread. For they could not remember who they are or how they managed to end up in such a place. With strength not uncommon in her race, a Orc woman rose to the challenge. Rending the bars apart and freeing not only herself, but those that followed. Their eyes were wide as they stepped out of the cage and explored the dungeons that held them. Finding many trinkets to help them along the way, they realized that they did not know each other before this, so they could not draw conclusions upon each other.

The Orc woman soon found out that she was strong than even she could imagine and was able to quickly dispatch anyone in her way. As for her companions, They were a strange group. Among them were an Aasmir man with a sense of direction and leadership, a Vanarran woman with a limp and what seemed to be a quiet and kind heart, a strangely nice Gnome given the way that she looks like death, and a bard that couldn’t seem to keep his clothes on or his affections to himself as he tried to woo everyone.

As they explored and learned very little of what they were doing there, they discovered that each of their hands were marked with a almost closed circle with a dot in the center. The marks were unfamiliar to all of them, but gave them a sense of peace and fear all at the same time. Capturing the last of the guards who hadn’t escaped or killed by some mysterious force, they were surprised by a dragon that suddenly appeared in the biggest room of the dungeon.

Using their wit and deception, they managed to avoid the fight with the dragon and arrive back at the cages where there is a giant mirror that beckons to them. Touching the mirror they discover that the mirror is really a portal to an unknown place (Then again everything is unknown to them at this point).

Through the mirror brings our heroes, who have now remembered their names due to a slip of paper pinned to their clothes. Our strong Orc is named Galka Vohd, our charming bard Rinn Nengar, the kind Vanarran Tehira Hataru, the diplomatic Aasimir Panmir Wyzar and our interesting confusing Gnome Fait Foombogglabs. Together these now formor inmates, see from a distance that there is smoke coming from the hills in front of them and choose to go toward it with the hope that they will find help and information.

Arriving at the camp, they find a sleeping man. This man greets them suspiciously and they him. It is soon revealed that the man is a prince name Rimun of the country Usosea. Looking around confused, he admits that he has lost his guard and general. Acknowledging the group for their strength, he asks them to help him and in return he would do what he could to help them discover the purpose of the marks.

Marks that when the prince examained closer, he realized that they were the mark of Ne’na, a local warrior goddess. Those that bear their mark are chosen for one of her trials that could take place at anytime, any place and for any reason. Not able to tell anymore, he impatiently trudged on the path pointed out to him by Panmir.

Along the way, they discover a strange man with large bat wings and a need to be constantly wearing glasses. After learning his name as Oakenleaf, they suddenly found themselves surrounded by a group of Gnolls. Quickly dispatching them with bombs, blades and a rifle, they continued on their quest to find the prince’s companions, so that he can return to his own quest.

Off they went on a trail that led to a Gnoll camp where they found Ellira Padi, the general they were looking for and an old halfling dead at the bottom of the pit. They returned to the prince’s camp to discuss the next step.

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