• Fait Foombogglabs

    Fait Foombogglabs

    A gnome of many mysteries and layers (like an onion)
  • Galka Vohd

    Galka Vohd

    A somewhat brutish Orc Woman with a heart of gold. (Maybe?)
  • Panmir Wyzar

    Panmir Wyzar

    A slayer of the utmost skill. Still somewhat of a mystery He follows a diplomatic approach to the world.
  • Rinn Nengar

    Rinn Nengar

    A charming young Bard with a tendency for nudity.
  • Tehira Hataru

    Tehira Hataru

    A gentle and somewhat strange woman. Her limping figure makes people underestimate her, but the tide changes quickly for those chosen by the gods.
  • Ellira Padi

    Ellira Padi

    Rimun's mentor, friend, and Father's general
  • Oakenleaf


    A strange man with an interesting personality
  • Rimun


    A somewhat confused, but seemingly snobbish Prince of Usosea