House Rules

House Rules:

No coin weight

No encumbrance

You get 1 re-roll a night for any type of roll, but that roll must have been made within 1 round and before anyone else’s turn. Edit: You can choose the better if you want.

1’s are automatic failures (Sorry guys, but luck sucks that way)

No Critical confirms for the 17-20 range. (If you are lucky, than I don’t want to punish you for that)

Please be respectful of others. So if someone is talking wait your turn to speak next. If someone is asking a lot of questions, be patient and wait for them to finish. Everyone is new a something before they become veterans, so think about what it was like when you tried something new.

If you can’t make it just let me know. Real life happens I understand. If someone can’t make it their character just disappears for a bit, no questions asked, okay.

Have fun. If you are not, let me know. If someone is bothering you, let me know and I will say something. If I am bothering you, LET ME KNOW! Basically, just let me know what is going on so I can bring it under control so everyone can have fun.

I have final say on things. If you don’t like my call, I am sorry, but I make calls based on what I think is best for the plot and people having fun. Let me know if it was majorly unfair and we can discuss it, but otherwise just let it go.

House Rules

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